Piece by Piece

I decided to try my hand at capsule wardrobes a few months back. I used the Un-Fancy free capsule planner & sorted out my closet. After 3months of 30x30s there are 2sweaters I decided to pull from the maybe storage. One is from my favorite Hermione ensemble & the other is the only black sweater I own. I don’t love this sweater, but that’s not enough to make me go purchase a new black sweater. I gotta have a black sweater; this one will do. Aside from the Un-Fancy, I like some other purge & purchase guides I’ve found on Pinterest.

I really like this 3rd guide. I feel like it’ll be really beneficial moving forward. Actually I’ve already done the 1st step & I already follow the bottom 2 “rules.” I think I need to think more about my signature style & uniforms & working with interchangeable color palettes. I loved working with a color palette this past month. I don’t think I’d want just 1 palette though…or 1 uniform. I need variety, but I think I could be more selective. In the past I’ve sometimes felt like I’m in costume & this process is really about authenticity. I loathe myself even as I type the word & read it in my whitest white girl voice. Authenticity. Damn millennials. Seriously, though sometimes I feel caught up in keeping up. That’s not for me. My style may be inspired by many things, but it’s still MY style. I want to feel like myself in my wardrobe & that’s all I mean by authenticity.


6 thoughts on “Piece by Piece

  1. There are so many of these guides floating around. I’d love to try one, but figuring out a uniform has me nervous. I like playing around with fashion too much to decide on a single color palette or overall look and feel.

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