Capsule Maybe

Back when I started my capsule challenges I pulled out several items & stored them away in our spare’oom. By the end of about 4months I decided there are just a few that need to work their way back into rotation.

As mentioned in Piece by Piece I decided to bring back my only black sweater. This is a Maurices Studio Y. I believe I have only featured it once before here. Sometimes the waist sits weird. I think it depends what pants I wear with it. It does have some fun features. At just about mid back the knit ends & a flowy sheer fabric starts. This piece is rounded & creates that hi-lo hem that I love. There’s also a totally nonfunctional pocket made from the sheer fabric. Opposed to many other times I’ve worn this sweater, I actually felt really good in it.*

The next sweater I brought back has been featured in several posts, including one of my favorite looks from Prefect Prep. It’s just a simple 3/4 cardigan also from Maurices. I think I like it all buttoned up better than as an open cardigan, but I like that I have options with this piece.

Apparently, I really can’t get enough of sweaters. The 3rd piece is an Olivia Moon that I don’t believe has ever seen the page. Sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder. I really love everything about this sweater. The marled yarn, the baseball sleeves, the zebra-esque silk front panel, the slight hi-lo hem are giving me heart eyes. I styled this with my red plaid Ellen Tracy blouse & I just love the patterns at play! I can’t wait to wear this one again & try some different things with it.


*Sorry bout the cat hair. Lafayette wouldn’t leave it alone.


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