Miscellanea Jan 17

Thought I’d try something a little different on my last Sunday blog of the month & give you a look at what I’ve been up to this month.



Rogue One reinforcing my feelings from The Fashion Awakens that the Resistance look is for me.

January 13th Netflix premiered their version of a Series of Unfortunate Events which here means I spent the weekend binge watching it. Looking forward to a second season.


I took my mom to see Cinderella. The dress changes are legitimately magical, the music was wonderful, & the political discord surprisingly relevant.  Watch for Thursdays blog to see what I wore.


I love to listen to audiobooks on my commute. Savages was pretty good. Really picked up at the end making me think the movie may actually be good. Girls in White Dresses not so much. I stopped after about 2discs

Ed Sheeran released 2 new songs. They’ve been on repeat awaiting the release of the full album.



I’ve been making a point of trying new places instead of the same chains every time I venture out. This month I hit up 3 local places & was not disappointed.

Barber Bistro / The Dapper Pig / Waltons

I also joined Weight Watchers through my employer which is helping me make healthier choices & really savor the taste of my decisions.



My husband coaches a local grade school girls basketball team hence lots of red & black these past couple weeks. They took home 2nd in the Class S State Championship game. #pantherpride


I may not have participated in the marches on January 21st, but I am taking 10 actions in the first 100 days. I’ve never felt so compelled to make my voice heard. My daughter is 16 & in a couple years she’ll have the privilege of participating in our political process. I think it’s important she knows she can & should speak up for her beliefs whatever they may be.






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