Curating Underthings 

In time for Valentine’s Day a look at what to wear underneath it all.*

I think I may be late to the party, but for everyday underthings I’m in love with aerie. This is one area in which I have no problem streamlining my closet. I typically only have 3-4 bras. I believe in a dark & light everyday option with something special to sprinkle in occasionally. As far as undies go a cotton or seamless nylon brief are my faves.

Not surprising though, when it’s time to shop I usually search Pinterest first for new ideas. 

Very sexy to peek out from under a standard tank or tee, but still looks comfortable & like everything would be kept in place. A must for me. 

I’m also a fan of the longline brassiere & highwaist knicker.

And for staying all covered up & still oozing seduction what’s better than an Agent Provocateur classic silk pajama?

Something about this post has got me singin 😉

You’re really lovely
Underneath it all
You want to love me
Underneath it all
I’m really lucky
Underneath it all
You’re really lovely

Stay sexy 


*Sorry peeps, I didn’t strip for this. 

4 thoughts on “Curating Underthings 

  1. Underwear shopping is so horrid, I’ve recently just spent £120 on new bras! I love the cut out ones and the longer line! Good selection here!

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