Grammy with a Heart of Gold

The Grammys were chock-full of great fashion & amazing performances. Two of my favorite looks were part of two of my favorite performances. 

Alicia Keys is sticking to her natural beauty no makeup movement & she couldn’t look happier.

Can we take a moment to take in Katy Perry’s coolness? I love the new song & she’s never looked more chill. I don’t think she’s every seemed more at ease or having as much fun on stage as she did rocking this white Tom Ford suit & tennies.

We may as well call it the Adele-ys. Her two performances were beautiful flaws & all. Which really, I can barely call the George Michael performance flawed. And while this may not have been the Mean Girls moment come to life that we all hope it is. It’s still awesome that one of the most celebrated & talented artists ever is so damn humble. Since we’re on the Beyonce love train can we also pretend that Adele’s attire is also an ode? She’s so reckless when she rocks her Givenchy dress.


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