Miscellanea Feb 17



Two very different movies, but both great in their own rights. Lego Batman was the part of the Lego Movie I enjoyed. This cheestastic take on my beloved superhero couldn’t have been more fun.

Arrival feels like the most original first encounter movie I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely the most beautifully heartbreaking one. Amy Adams is brilliant.*


Seems to be a trend; 1 good book, 1 back book. I made it through The Receptionist, but without much of an education. All the supposed juicy bits were deflated by her complete lack of gravity. The Red House was a little bleak, but had that Masterpiece Theater vibe I love.



I am all heart eyes over Lady Gaga’s latest album. It’s a little bit country & a little bit 70s rock n roll. Favorite track is Hey Girl, but I’m a sucker for Florence Welch.



Can’t pass up February 2nd without my annual viewing & reviewing of Groundhog’s Day!

Galentines are great. I believe I made this clear last year, but just to get my point across I’ll say it again; my gals are poetic land mermaids.



I had my own personal march & made a dozen phone calls urging undecided Republican senators to join their colleagues Collins & Murkowski. Being the month of love I figured this badge was an appropriate action of persistence that supports Planned Parenthood & the ACLU.


Most importantly this month I got to support my daughter in a production of Romeo & Juliet.


*Only complaint is no one pointing out they were communicating in coffee rings.

6 thoughts on “Miscellanea Feb 17

  1. I totally agree with Lady GaGa album and I totally love Hey Girl too!! I haven’t seen ground hog day in so long, must watch it this weekend!

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