The Oscars 

What a show! What a show! 

Kimmel was great, poor Warren, crazy Faye, & those lucky tourists! I finally finished watching the broadcast on Friday. Amazingly all I knew was there was a flub, no specifics. Ryan Gosling giggling it off is the most adorable. 

Speaking of Mr. Gosling I’m gonna start by giving some props to some dudes that tried.

Ryan Seacrest is as usual trying to hard & I had total schadenfreude that his bowtie was crooked all night. However, I like the creamy dinner jacket & burgundy combo. I would’ve liked it even more with a matching pant & cognac shoes, but a step in the right direction nonetheless.

Chris Evans was lux in blue & making those eyes pop.

Ryan in all his two tone ruffled glory.

An honorable mention to Casey Affleck for knowing the facial hair & ponytail are doing him no favors. He stuck to classic black tie, but I think it would have served him better to lean into that Bostonian Professor look. I’m thinking knit sweater under a tweed blazer & crisp navy trousers. He would’ve gotten shit, but look how cute he is in the mean tweets bit!

Starting the ladies off with someone you may have missed is Joanna Natasegara. Her bold violet with bright white underlay is radiant against her complexion & dark hair.

Never underrated Meryl looks glamorous in navy. I love a red carpet lady in pants. I’m like the opposite of Retta- Yes PANTS!

I’m also a sucker for Art Deco & Teresa Palmer’s periwinkle pleats do not disappoint. I love the transition to glittery stripes, the delicate belt, & the simple crossed straps.

Hailee Steinfeld is having a fashion moment in a watercolor come to life.

Karlie Kloss channels Gwyneth in this glamorous column & cape. Looking sleek & sexy without baring more than a shoulder.

While Michelle Williams somehow makes a plunging neckline sweet & demure.

Also sweet & demure is a dress that is both boxy & ballerina soft at the same time. It’s quite flattering on Felicity Jones.

Halle Berry still a bombshell in a uniquely layered gown with unexpected fringe that is fabulous in motion.

Never shying away for the unexpected Janelle Monae is an actual work of art. I love her risks & innovation.

In  more subtle artistic fare Kirsten Dunst looks absolutely stunning in Dior.

Kate McKinnon is just happy to be a part of the party. She looks effortless without looking out of place. I wish I could have found a shot of the back of this. I don’t think its anything complex, but those straps look like they elevate this little black dress to sexy black dress.

Taraji P. Henson is sex in a dress. That tousled hair, that decolletage dripping in diamonds, that slit. Damn! If the viewers were cartoon characters our eyes woulda popped outta our heads & our hearts beat outta our chests!

Viola Davis is statuesque in red Armani Prive.

While Ruth Negga is regal in a cloud of lacey Valentino.

Having the biggest princess moment of the night was Auli’i Carvalho. If the white confection was beautifully on the nose, her strong Moana performance dress reminded us this 16year old is made of tougher stuff. Mind. Blown. 

Lots of reinvention on the red carpet. Two things that stand out to me as not getting enough love in years past, but being more well received this time is fringe & mermaid pillow sequins.  Also Emma Stone seems to be forever channeling Nicole Kidman. They even kind of matched this year! Lots of interesting looks this year, but more looks that felt reminiscent rather than fashion forward. I’m not complaining, just an observation.

Please share your favorite Oscar fashion moments!


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