It’s been several months since my last capsule wardrobe & I’m finding myself uninspired when dressing in the morning. Part of this is because I had rearranged my clothes while I was capsuling & things aren’t where I’m used to them being located. Part of this is because I just haven’t put much effort into my day to day look. Part of this is because suddenly I feel overwhelmed by all my choices after doing so many days  on a strict wardrobe diet. Really all my Pinterest challenges & wardrobe challenges were all like mini capsules themselves. It has been a long time since I dressed without some sort of challenge in mind! 

Step 1 in making myself stop feeling so disorganized was reorganizing. I pulled everything put of my closet.

Then proceeded to put everything back in my closet. First my all season items, then my summer items in the back, & finally working my winter items in with all season. It snowed today, spring has not sprung in the Midwest. I also thought about what order I hung them up. Pants first because, duh, I wear pants errday, concert tees that I can’t wear to work, tees that I can wear everywhere, tunics, blouses, jackets/cardigans (because the first sets of shirts are ones I would usually wear with a topper), button down shirts, sweaters, & sweatshirts. 

Step 2 I revisited my Un Fancy worksheet. I listed my wardrobe out seasonally. Which helped me think about my go to pieces & signature looks. Basically clean lines with slouch; i.e. skinny jeans & a blouse, skinny jeans, a tee, & a drapey cardigan, high waist wide leg pant & sweater, joggers & blouse. My whole worksheet became more streamlined. I whittled down my word association for my style to effortless, androgynous, chic, & slouchy. My brands are basically the same. I would still shop Old Navy & H&M first for clothing & TOMS FOR shoes. 

Step 3 was thinking about a cohesive palette. Luckily I have a Pinterest board for just this! I’m always really drawn to Wes Anderson’s use of color. He uses essentially the same palette in each movie, but focusing it differently. My favorite ensembles easily fall into his palette, but I probably wear more gray & black than he typically incorporates. 

I am feeling much better about my wardrobe. Reorganizing & re-identifying key pieces & looks have helped to make it feel more intentional. I think some new ootd may be on their way!