Beauty Hair Care 

I’ve been a bottle blonde for nearly 2years & I’ve been pretty diligent about keeping my hair healthy. I only wash it about twice a week.* So that keeps me from having to blow dry as frequently. I also try to alternate blow drying with using my curling wand or flat iron to minimize heat exposure & damage. This also keeps me from using a ton of product in my hair. I have used several shampoos & conditioners for blondes or color treated hair. My favorites have been John Frieda Sheer Blonde, Biolage Colorlast, & Matrix So Silver. I even take a biotin gummy to keep me healthy inside to outside!

Recently as I’ve started growing my roots out I’ve noticed yellowy spots where I’d prefer an icier tone. I also felt like my hairbrush may have been damaging my hair; I was seeing a lot more shedding & breakage.

So I stole some products from my daughter! Now we have totally different hair, but she’s super picky about hairbrushes that will detangle her mane without pulling. This brush is crazy lightweight & boasts all sorts of benefits. It’s made from bamboo, repurposed aluminum, & plant based plastics. The shape is meant to detangle as well as smooth reducing frizz & static. All the vents are supposed help hair dry 20% faster to also reduce heat damage. This brush is way better than my old brush.

She had also purchased a lavender colorwash for her lavender hair. She decided to go back to a natural color cause the pastel was very difficult to maintain. It did look supercute though.

Since she’s no longer needing the colorwash & it claims to remove brassy tones & redeposit color I figured it would help achieve that icy tone I wanted. I start with an initial wash using a hydrating & strengthening shampoo. I follow that up with the colorwash. It suds up like shampoo, but has a conditioning silkiness. I’ve been finishing off with its a 10 miracle leave in product. 

I’m definitely seeing improvement. Actually, the lavender wash is working so well that my blondest strands are picking up a silvery hue. 


*more if I’m getting really sweaty or have a lot of product buildup.

3 thoughts on “Beauty Hair Care 

  1. I wash my hair with a bright purple silver shampoo once a week to combat brassiness in my naturally blonde hair. I used to use a blonde spray, but my hairdresser told me not to as it makes my hair yellow and those sprays work in your hair a lot longer. So I’ve been going totally natural for a year now. I’m actually thinking of dying my hair ‘blorange’ in a while. I always find dying my hair is a good way of sprucing up a do if you want to forego a cut and I want to let my hair grow out again, so may just have to be brave and die my hair peachy orange.

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