Miscellanea Mar 17



Put in a lot of screen time this month! We were feeling a bit inspired by the Oscars to view some great movies so we picked up Allied, Hawsaw Ridge, Moonlight, & Manchester by the Sea one weekend. Manchester by the Sea was my personal favorite. I’m pretty partial to all things Boston & an Affleck.

I also took in a couple new releases. My husband & I had a date night catching Jordan Peele’s amazing Get Out while my daughter & I were swept away by Beauty & the Beast.

And one show on the stage. Once is a beautiful show.



Belgravia is the story of a secret unraveling in 1840s London. Julian Fellows fans will not be disappointed.

A Fortunate Age chronicles a group of friends chasing their New York dreams in the late 1990s. It’s everything Girls in White Dresses wishes it were.

Also, Lorde has new music. Green Light is a catchy pop gem without the cheese.



Actually read 1 book this month. A young adult graphic novel. While the artwork in Amulet is beautiful it’s not really my cup of tea.



I couldn’t get this video to upload, but I promise you this is a beautiful rendition of No One Is Alone performed by my daughter at Solo & Ensemble.


We also went on her first college day.


My badass friend does roller derby! I highly recommend catching a bout if you can. They are a really intense experience watching strong women work together.wp-1490537127005.jpg


I met my first weight watchers weight loss goal so I purchased a much needed new pair of sneakers. I love the sleek looks found in my curating post, but I actually require more gait correction & support than those styles offer. I slipped on my first pair of Brooks & it was love at first step.



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