Beauty MOTD 18

Pinned a new eyeshadow guide & decided to give it a try.


Lol, I noticed afterwards that it said “to accentuate your emotions.” Well I guess I was feeling a little fiery.

Borrowed from my daughter again. This time a Maybelline blushed nudes palette & ELF shimmering facewhip. I know the directions are in alphabetical order, but I actually did “A” last. Also, how weird is it this facewhip is named lilac petal? Pretty sure lilac is purple & this is orange. I probably would have went with tea rose.

The facewhip is pretty interesting. It’s a little illuminator, a little bit blush. I was a little worried when I first swiped it on. The pigment was intense! Apparently, a theme in this motd. It took some blending to get it not to look like I’d taken a marker to my face. Now, the eyes were another story. This came together really easily & I will definitely be recreating it with various colors.

Love that this looks good with my glasses. Sometimes an intense eyelook is too much under lenses or you completely lose it behind the frame. The intensity is in the layering which really makes it bold without being overwhelming. AND it looks good with my ootd to boot!



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