Beauty Buying Blues

I’ve taken a little inventory of my makeup & realized I don’t have a single swatch of navy blue. I have my right hand man sephora sunbleach filter palette & my gorgeous sephora pantone watercolor palette & I can filch my daughter’s maybelline blushed nudes & urban decay naked palette whenever i feel like it, but none of these include a true navy!

I’ve decided my next beauty buy will be a navy eyeshadow. I decided to do a little bit of research beforehand & I believe I’ve found some outstanding options.

Starting with the less expensive drugstore options. I looked up l’oreal. I’ve used their colors successfully in the past although I only currently have one pot of infallible.


Option 1 is midnight sky from their studio secrets singles. The product details don’t really boast anything special & actually I think it would maybe be too gray.


Option 2 is midnight blue from the infallible line. Now I love my pot of infallible. It really does seem to last. This is supposed to be a velvety 24hr wear that doesn’t fade. I don’t think I need a full 24hrs, but the point is I’ve never been disappointed by the sudden disappearance of my intense eye when wearing it. Definitely a contender.


Option 3 is the grand bleu gel to powder color riche formula. I’m totally smitten. It has a very luxe appeal for under $10. There’s something about it that seems very Wes Anderson & you know how I feel about all things Wes Anderson.

Bumping up to a little higher price point, I’m toying with the idea of a nars or urban decay single. The naked palette is very smooth & is imagine this to be similar. While I’ve never tried any nars eyeshadow, I barely leave my house with out my all time favorite blush.


This deep navy shimmer is luminous without being glittery. I used to always think of urban decay as edgy, but this seems almost basic. Not in a bad way, just subtle I guess.

Now the nars I find really interesting. Arcturus & glove are dual intensity shadows that can be applied wet or dry to create a metallic sheen. I really want to play with these up close. They seem very sophisticated.


Oh my gosh though, this hourglass modernist palette is so so sophisticated. I am in love with the way these colors melt into each other. It’s one of those palettes where you can really see how it will all work together seamlessly. I could stare at it for hours. Actually this palette is what set my inventory taking in motion. I glimpsed it as part of some list of products & have been enthralled every since.

What’s funny is the very first l’oreal option has the most in common with the navy they’ve coined as gunmetal here, but it seems too gray on its own. I wonder if blending it with similar shades pulled from my current collection would give me the same satisfaction? Or should I just shell out the $$ for this sephora exclusive? Oh decisions decisions!


2 thoughts on “Beauty Buying Blues

  1. Go with the L’Oreal Infallible! I have it and it’s one of the best navy shadows I own. I’ve heard bad things about Hourglass Modernist palettes not showing up well and since it’s one huge pan with multiple colors, things might get messy too. The NARS shadow looks sooo pretty. I have two of their duos which are great, but I haven’t tried the dual intensity formula yet. Inglot also do a great navy (that’s my other favorite) and there are some stunning navy shadows in affordable palettes. For instance by Sleek or Make Up Revolution, but it might be harder to get your hands on as they are UK brands. Milani also do single shadows that are apparently really good, perhaps they do a navy too?


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