Miscellanea Apr 17



3 musicals, 2 series, 1 super cheesy not very good movie, & 1 slightly cheesy very very good movie.

The Little Mermaid Jr & Once Upon a Mattress were local productions my daughter was a part of this month. Both were pleasantly delightful.


I didn’t know much about Pippin going in, but I was super excited for a bit of cirque fare. I’m still not sure I know much about Pippin, but the acrobats were super cool.


Trial&Error is laugh out loud absurd. I can’t get enough of this Staircase Murder parody with a rollercising John Lithgow. Loved every deadpan moment of it.


13 Reasons Why is quite possibly my favorite ya novel. Jay Asher’s approach to suicide is raw & real & unforgiving. The series totally delivered & I’m looking forward to a 2nd season.
The movies speak for themselves:

Lorde’s Miss Havisham vibe Liability, Misterwives Oh Love, & the entire 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, but especially this track from Lord Huron.

I’ve also listened to 3 audiobooks this month. I somehow bypassed The Handmaids Tale in high school & with the Hulu series starting I wanted to know what I would be in for. This particular edition was read by Claire Danes. She seems like exactly the right choice.  Night was astounding. I can’t believe I’d never heard of this account. The final book may be my new life guide. It’s really not about giving no fucks, just the right fucks.

While I’m deciding what to listen to next, I’ve had a chance to get back into The Dollop. Damn these guys are funny.



We tried a new sushi place on our night out to see Pippin. I tried my first sake! Full disclosure not a fan, but the food was good. The next time we go to Zuki I’m insisting we sit at the hibachi. My daughter still hasn’t tried hibachi!



Always supporting my daughter’s endeavors. This month she had 2 productions & accepted a Phi Beta Kappa Young Scholar Awards.

April is a month for several causes. A friend held an amazing 80s trivia & dance night to help cover medical costs for a kidney transplant (the donor also an acquaintance) from which her spouse is currently recovering. I somehow don’t have photos from this event, but it is amazing to be part of a community that comes together to support its members in need.

Equal Pay Day & Denim Day are also in April. It may just be a simple statement on social media, but I think something small like that can still be important.


Obviously Easter.

Oh & Prom!


Hope everyone has had a lovely month & these showers are bringing May flowers!


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