The musical is the story of a young prince on his search for meaning & significance. While Pippin & Charlemagne are derived from real life individuals, the story presents no historical accuracy. Rather the mysterious cirque is told in the fashion of the Burlesque of Faust.

Basically it’s funny, the music is good, & the acrobats are cool. We enjoyed our evening out.

First things first were of course ootd snaps. My daughter was not into it; worrying we would run behind. In fairness we kind of did when we went to Once.

Second thing was food. As mentioned in Miscellanea we tried a new (to us) sushi place, Zuki. Realizing we actually had plenty of time, my daughter twisted my arm into Orange Leaf after. Toasted Marshmallow froyo with strawberries, Graham crackers, & caramel chocolates ftw!

Sad for the players, but happy for us the show had not sold well & we got to move down a section!


I didn’t know much about the show going in, but it seems my new Thirty One crossbody was apropos!



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