Time 100

Time named some of my favorite people to their annual 100 most influential list. I’m partial to those shattering stereotypes, shining a light on ugly truths, & enacting change. While it may not seem like Samantha Bee, Jordan Peele, & RuPaul have anything in common with Elizabeth Warren they are opening the eyes of a pop culture obsessed population & blazing paths in more than just entertainment. It could be said the power of entertainment is leading younger people to pay closer attention to the likes of Ms. Warren & Margaret Atwood. I mean do you think any high school students would have chose to pick up Atwood before Hulu turned The Handmaid’s Tale in to a series? Probably, not most.

And lucky for this blogger that Time does name celebrities to this list because rating the style choices of scientists, activists, & legislators may not be the most fun. However, said celebrities were on their best behavior showing up all sleek & tasteful & stuff.

Can we take just a moment to appreciate artist Cindy Sherman’s nude dress & booties with this ah-mazing red blazer?  There haven’t been many items on my shopping list as of late, but this ensemble is so wearable I want it all!


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