Met Gala

The Oscars is a magical evening of designer confection that mesmerizes the viewer’s eye, but the Met Gala is a kaleidoscope of innovation that excites a designer’s soul. I love when guests adhere to the true spirit of the theme.

This year’s installation & honoree is Rei Kawakubo: Comme des Garcons. Most of us Pinterest loving fools are probably most familiar with these chic “It Girl” pieces offered by Comme des Garcons.

But what Rei is really known for are strange & wonky avant garde designs.

She has a very distinct point of view & doesn’t shy away from her unusual tastes.

Something about those little heart faces populating recent pieces reminds me of Him from Powderpuff Girls. This actually feels incredibly appropriate considering his overall look is very avant garde.


Anyway, back to the gala & its celebrities.

This is the other thing I love about the Met Gala. The men step up their game.


Oh to be as chill as Sean Combs.

I find beauty in the unfinished & random…I want to see things differently to search for beauty. I want to find something nobody has ever found…it is meaningless to create something predictable.

In other words, I wanted to question the established standards of beauty.

You know I’m dying for those Him inspired boots Lily Aldridge is sporting.

This Lily’s bob is nearly as sharp as Rei’s & Cara’s sparkly locks are a fantastic touch of whimsy.

Screenshot_20170506-184649Watch out Bey, Zendaya is comin for ya 😉

While these ladies & aforementioned gentleman truly costumed themselves in unpredictability one person stood out from the rest. Rihanna wore Comme des Garcons in all its eccentric glory. She somehow managed to look fresh & minimal while covered in giant floral ruffles. That topknot & splash of pink across her cheeks is perfectly on point.




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