Beauty First Impressions 1

This will be light on pictures because like a fool I didn’t think to take any!

I picked up the Ole Henriksen 7day Transformation as a beauty insider points purchase at Sephora. I have been having some texture issues lately & thought this might be just the pick me up I need.


The Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser is step 1 of the 7day kit. This cleanser is a direct result of Ole’s own struggle with acne. He found the the harsh oil controlling cleansers left his face feeling stripped instead of glowing. The base of this product is the trademark Green Fusion Complex, a blend of green tea, eucalyptus, algae, & Irish moss extracts that have natural antiseptic properties to absorb excess oil & refine pores.

My impression of the product is quite good. It has a gel like consistency that suds up nicely. There is an initial antiseptic scent, but it’s very gentle & more fresh than chemical. I experienced a slight tingle the first few washes, but never a burning sensation. Perhaps just my skin getting use to something new. My skin feels very clean & renewed after each use. Now I’m not sure it actually feels better than my regular cleanser, but I’m considering using this long-term or looking for a drugstore dupe. 😉


The 3 Little Wonders are not only the main event in this kit, but the cornerstone of the brand. They are designed to work together to improve dullness, uneven texture & skin tone, & loss of firmness & elasticity. Basically everything that I seem to be struggling with currently.

Each day is set up in a block of foil packets labeled for use. Truth Serum is to be used following your morning face wash. This product boasts all day antiaging brightening, firming, & hydration with vitamin c & collagen. It’s an orange gel that smooths & absorbs very easily over skin. I feel an immediate pick me up when I use this product. It has that citrusy zing that just wakes me right up. I like this product, but I really want it for my undereye area instead of my entire face. Don’t get me wrong, it worked wonderfully, I just really need something that packs a punch for these dark bags.

Invigorating Night Transformation gel is to be used following your evening face washing. It claims to retexturize your skin smoothing it with a multisource AHA complex while you sleep. While it did absorb quickly, it feels sticky going on & towards the end of the 7days there was a real tightness after application. Not a good taut feeling either, an uncomfortable pinched feeling. Frankly I’m not a fan of this step.

Each day consists of 2 packets of Sheer Transformation moisturizer to be used following the Truth Serum & the Invigorating Night Transformation. Sheer Transformation gently refines uneven skin tone & texture with hydrating multifruit acids & antioxidants. This whipped gel is practically weightless & goes on silky smooth. It too absorbs very quickly & is another product I would consider purchasing for long-term use.

Overall I didn’t notice any dramatic change after 7 days, but I do think there was some slight improvement. I feel like using the Night gel only intermittently may reap benefits while not becoming uncomfortable. Positive reviews on 3 out of 4 products is not too shabby. Overall I would recommend you get your OleGlow on too!



8 thoughts on “Beauty First Impressions 1

  1. I’m glad to have picked this up when I was in Sephora. I’m curious to see what it will do for my skin. Given the AHA in the night products, I would not like to use this in the summer time as I’m already super fair and burn easily. Better keep this around till the fall time.

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    • Oh I hadn’t even thought of that. None of the products have any spf so to counteract any sun sensitivity an additional product would definitely be needed. Is it too much to ask for 1product to do it all? 😉


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