6. I Love My…

It’s been a awhile since I’ve done an “I love my” & this may seem familiar, but I’ve put a spin on it with my accessory choice.

This edition features Button Ups with Statement Necklaces. I like how it’s feels very professional, but by leaving it untucked & keeping the shoes flat the entire look is casual chic. It’s all about not feel too done.

  • Old Navy Button Up
  • Banana Republic Necklace
  • Maurices Skinny Cords
  • Chukka Ducky Boots
  • Ellen Tracy Blouse
  • Maurices Tank
  • Maurices Necklace
  • H&M Skinnies
  • Toms Brogues
  • Old Navy Button Up
  • Maurices Necklace
  • Banana Republic Martin Fit Pant
  • Toms Sandals

Absolutely easy without losing any professionalism.


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