Miscellanea May 17



Family Date to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Thought it was pretty good. Rocket is my favorite, sorry PrattPrattPratt.


For all the negative things I read, I actually enjoyed the awkward cheesiness of tv’s Dirty Dancing.


Finished out the month seeing one of my favorite bands for the second time. I was farther away this time, but it was nice to be able to chill & take them all in.


BTW that’s Mumford & Sons.


Taking in the solo songs from some 1Direction boys & reliving the 90s.

Went right from Z to Save Me The Waltz. Something about spring had me feeling real into Mrs. Fitzgerald.


Mother’s Day aka The Wine & Waffle tour.

Dinner & drinks before Mumford included Nashville Chicken, a Crab Cake Burger, & Stella Artois.


My new favorite lunch are this yummy Hillshire Farm Small Plates.



Spring Concert & Music Dept Banquet.

My Nephew, class Pres & Honor Student graduating from high school.



Mothers, of course!

Didn’t realize how many florals we’d been wearing this month! Guess the addage about May flowers is true!


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