Beauty MOTD 22

Upholding my vow I’ve created a springy look using maybe the most eyeshadow I’ve ever used by blending my sunbleach filter & pantone watercolor palettes.


  • Started with Latergram across my lid to brow
  • Worked Lantana into my crease
  • Went in with Fruit Dove on my upper lash line
  • Blended all this out with Coral Haze
  • Lined my lower lash line with Swell
  • Dabbed Cafe Creme in my inner corners
  • Swiped Secret Boudoir across my brow bone


Besides playing in my palettes, I also tested out a sample of Lorac 3 in 1 Illuminating Primer. I mixed a little into my foundation which I think added a nice glow. I also swiped some extra across the tops of my cheeks & up my temples. Surprisingly since it is the dusk shade, I don’t feel like it bronzed me too much. The pictures really don’t capture it very well, but trust me I was flaunting a sunkissed look. At least for my porcelain skin!

AND a bonus mani/pedi! I sifted through my Pinterest board looking for an “easy” look. I did an all over white from ICE with a swipe of metallic gold at the base from a no name walmart Christmas special. Turned out pretty good for doing it on my own.



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