Beauty First Impressions 2

I have combination to oily skin that. Lately I feel like my pores are giant & my cheeks are cottage cheese texture & my under eyes are puffy & dark. Basically being over 30, not sleeping enough, & drinking copious amounts of wine isn’t great for my skin. I need something to wake up my face.

Enter Origins GinZing!

This mask boasts a refreshing peel fortified with coffee beans, panax ginseng, & gentle fruit acid complex that lifts away dull, dead skin plus dirt & debris leaving skin clear & radiant. PS it’s supposed to refine your pores making skin feel silky smooth to boot!

So after an impulse $28 sephora purchase I cleansed my face with my Ole wash & prepared for the peel.

I started with an ample squirt because when I tested it on my hand it definitely takes a healthy dose to get enough product to peel in the end.


Then I smoothed it evenly over my trouble areas, but avoiding sensitive zones.

The product goes on a little gloopy. It seems to start setting up quickly so getting a thick even layer is a little challenging. It does feel good on the skin & has a nice citrusy scent though.

After about 7 minutes I was feeling the telltale sign of tightening. I gave it about 15minutes to fully dry. Now the “smile to loosen” is a bit of a understatement.


Once I finished my face acrobatics it did peel pretty easily. One of my favorite things about this is the rose gold tone & it’s was pretty satisfying to see the swathes of color curl on my countertop.


I did take a little warm water to clean some small leftover bits away, but there really weren’t many. You know what else? My skin did feel smooth & refreshed & clear & radiant.

Also, I just noticed I did the classic nonsmiling before photo & smiling after photo. Overall I like this product & I definitely will work it into my routine.


6 thoughts on “Beauty First Impressions 2

    • Yeah, what noticed with this mask was any part that thinned out too much required some tender love & care to successfully remove without irritation. In just a couple spots I had to tear the thicker piece away then dampen the thinned area. It washed right away though & I don’t feel like that lessened the results.

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