Miscellanea June 17



Guys, I’ve been watching some stuff.


Yeah, I know this movie is older, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. If you think about it too much the story doesn’t really add up, but I did enjoy it. I mean Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone? I’m in.



A couple more rentals picked up by my husband. These were just meh.


Remember what I said about Emma Stone? Well, this was disappointing. The story was tired & so was the singing. What I can get behind is the dancing, the jazz, & the fully conceived visual concept of the film. So if you haven’t seen it don’t get your hopes up. This shouldn’t have had all the nominations or wins that it did.


A live St Louis baseball game from the Brewhouse Deck in Ballpark Village. Highly recommend taking in a game this way!


We saw RENT! From the nosebleeds! It was fantastic! Loved every second of it, but especially the mooing!!!!


Yeah I saved my favorite for last. This movie is more than a superhero movie, but it  is also the best superhero movie I’ve seen in maybe ever. Gal Gadot is freaking amazing. This woman was intelligent, naive, breathtakingly beautiful, strong as hell, a cornucopia of contradiction making her feel real life relatable human even though she’s an Amazon. I could go on & on so instead I’ll just say if you haven’t seen GO!



While waiting on my library to get my next audio book & my audio credits to be available I listened to A LOT of My Favorite Murder. It’s a comedy podcast about true crime. I swear it’s hilarious. And yes, I listen to it when I take walks in the cemetery.  Walks in the cemetery are a thing in my town.


I promise I marked this book down well before Hamilton was a thing. However, I wish this was read by Lin Manuel Miranda. I have spent a great deal of time repeating 1799, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr Sir, etc etc every time they’re mentioned. Anyway, interesting story. Goes right along with my podcast listening.



My first crayfish at the annual Pheasant Hollow Cajun Fest! I couldn’t stop playing with my food. 🎵Under the sea, under the sea 🎵


If you ever get the opportunity to do a Biergarten pairing at Anheuser Busch I highly recommended. There was an open bar before & full size drinks with the meal. Well, worth the price & I discovered Leffe!


Another find in the Lou, The Sliced Pint, was a great spot for a quick bite of T Ravs.*



If you haven’t noticed I spent some time in St Louis this month. I was there with some girlfriends celebrating some upcoming nuptials!


Speaking of nuptials, we celebrated our 13th anniversary this month!

So it’s been a pretty fun & filled month. Kinda hope July isn’t quite as go go go!


*T ravs is apparently what the kids are calling toasted ravioli or it’s a stl thing? Idk.

3 thoughts on “Miscellanea June 17

  1. I still want to see Logan and Wonder Woman. I just haven’t had the time to find a cinema and watch a movie since well, February. Need to get back into it after the move. Will have a much better movie selection near me then!

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