Beauty Summer Scent

I say I like to change up my fragrance with the season, but actually I just have a light scent & a muskier scent on hand & replace as necessary. It just happens the season has changed when I repurchase because that’s how time works.

This summer I’ve went with a classic pick of Marc Jacobs Daisy & a new venture of Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose.


Let’s talk about E&J Nirvana Rose. Sephora says Rose is a seductive floral blend of rose de mai, geranium, & vetiver. It’s meant to embody the contemporary yet timeless aesthetic E&J is known for with a confident, refined, seductive scent.


Now the reviews are a different story. Lots of negativity indicating an “old lady” musk. I saw lots of stuff about a weird spice scent.

Mostly I what noticed is people thought they were in for a sweeter smelling rose, but it’s right there in the description, “sultry heart of a dark rose.” Rose de mai is a Moroccan flower, you know, musky & spicy. Vetiver is a grass so that adds a freshness to the scent. Oh & geraniums smell a bit like rose & are used along with rose to extend the scent.


My opinion is Nirvana Rose has an initial aggressive scent that is very musky, but dries down into something smoother. I’m guessing it’s the vetiver that smooths it out cause I think most rose perfumes start off too strong. I’m not getting old lady so much as jazz. Like, this is what all the cocktail waitresses at Seb’s wear.



8 thoughts on “Beauty Summer Scent

  1. Sounds great! I am still looking for a great rose perfume, but I’m thinking Stella McCarthy’s Stella will be my pick for that. Currently loving Daisy as well for the summer time! I wear that every year. Love how light and fresh that is.

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