8. I Love My…

Utility Vest!

At the beginning of spring I popped into our local cool girl boutique & snatched up this awesome dusty pink utility vest!


I’d been thinking about adding a utility jacket to my wardrobe for awhile, but I just hadn’t found one I loved like Bianca loves her Prada backpack.* When I spied this vest in a spring “it” color I knew I’d found the perfect addition.

  • H&M tee
  • Old Navy Sweetheart jean
  • Toms wedges
  • JC Penney earrings
  • Lucky Brand bangle
  • Maurices dress & boots
  • Lucky Brand pendant
  • Brighton cuff
  • Express dress
  • Old Navy shirt
  • Maurices boots
  • Maurices tanks, pants, sandals, & bracelet
  • Aeropostale pendant

I’m really glad I held out on purchasing a jacket cause if I had gotten an olive I wouldn’t have been able to match it to these pants & I wear these pants A LOT! The purchase was kind of on a whim. I knew I wanted something like this, but I definitely wasn’t even looking at the time. Honestly I was just popping in to check out the shop cause they’d recently moved locations. Now I’ve got a great go to topper for spring & summer!


*If you don’t get this reference, we can’t be friends.

5 thoughts on “8. I Love My…

  1. That is a great piece on you. I always find vests so hard to style. I mean, it’s usually to cold here to wear it as a jacket, but on other days it will simply be too hot. I had a denim one in the past and it just made my shoulders look weird. Perhaps it’s just one of those items that takes a while until you find the right one.

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