Curating Spring & Summer Haul

Over Memorial Day weekend I decided to do some shopping. Not because of sales, but because the extra day off work didn’t derail my usual weekend routine.

I’d identified some gaps in my wardrobe as well as some items that needed replacing: no white tee, a discolored blousey chambray, no lightweight work pant, no white blouse, ill fitting jammies, no racerback bra, no baggy boyfriend jean or slouchy denim jogger, scruffy tennies, no plaid/gingam shirtdress, no springy stripes/gingam, no highwaist wideleg jeans. Plus I generally needed to pump some life into my wardrobe. I’ve picked up a piece here & there, but I don’t think I’ve went on a full on shopping expedition for myself since starting this blog!



I may not have checked all the boxes, but I think I did pretty well!

I started at H&M where I checked several boxes.


  • Lightweight Work Pant
  • Tassel Belt


  • White Tee
  • Blousey  Chambray

Okay, they’re not white blouses, but they are gorgeous cream blouses.


Somehow I missed getting this cute crop in the haul pic. I am quite in love with this guy. It’s just so comfortable & cute without being too revealing.

After my success at H&M for regular wardrobe pieces I wanted to focus on jammies. We do not have central air & we do not use a window unit in the bedroom. I was in desperate need of comfortable properly fitting jammies.


Since I was also looking for a racerback bra & their vignette was so enticing I had to check out Victoria Secret. I immediately found something I liked, but didn’t purchase thinking I might find something similar (read less $) At aerie, so I  hopped,  skipped, & jumped around the corner to check them out.

While I did find several fantastic pairs of underoos, the jams weren’t any cheaper so I went back to VS. I still hadn’t found a bra either, so I drove across town to check out Target. I hit the jackpot with Gilligan&O’Malley.


  • VS lace crop
  • VS paisley short
  • G&O soft bra


  • G&O racerback bra
  • G&O longline bra
  • Aerie mesh/lace boybrief (the waistband is 🍍)
  • Aerie highwaist undies


  • G&O pajama tank
  • Merona sleep kimono

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really like how nicely everything has worked into my existing wardrobe. And yes, I did decide to wear the vs lace crop I initially purchased as pjs as a regular top. It’s versatile!


Bonus Item: My daughter twisted my arm to purchase this floral bomber at H&M. I haven’t worn it yet, but it was only $15 & we can share it so… to be continued…


14 thoughts on “Curating Spring & Summer Haul

  1. Great finds! Love the H&M work pants. I’ve been digging these kind of pants for summer too. I was happy to find a red pair of palazzo pants in May that I already wore a ton to work. (***psst*** they have a paperbag waist too!)

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  2. I like finding gaps in my wardrobe so I can go shopping 😉. I love H&M, I can always find what I need in there. I love the jacket! 😀.
    On a side note, have you promoted your blog in any Facebook groups before? I have just started one called Blogs In Bloom- I would love to have you as a member 😄. I have a blog post about it if you need any more information, thank you 💕.

    Liked by 1 person

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