Curating Spectacles

My annual eye exam determined I am in need of a new prescription which of course I used as a reason to purchase new frames. May as well do it all, Right?


My first pair: Finch in Grenadine

2 years ago I purchased my first pair from Warby Parker & became an instant fan. They have super stylish & affordable frames plus they are altruistic! For every pair sold they donate to their nonprofit partner which train men & women in developing countries to give basic eye exams & sell glasses to their communities. Pretty cool way to help people earn a living & get affordable eye care!

Although I’m a sucker for a company with a one for one plan (you’ve seen how many pairs of Toms I own) my favorite thing about Warby Parker is they have several styles you may choose from to try at home…for FREE.

Choose 5 to try, test them out, return the demos, & order the one you fancy most. Uploading your prescription is super easy too! Just snap a picture!


My try at home pack included 2 pearled tortoise frames, Olive & Holcomb which I chose for their cateye shape & scholarly appeal. In my first go round with WP I tried a transparent frame.  Somehow that completely clear look was too harsh, so I was excited to see Finch came in a subtle sheer peach named Bellini because I knew the style fit my face well. I also wanted to try a pair that was slightly more matte & Laurel17 in Rose Quartz fit the bill. By far though my favorite at home pick was Goodney in Heathered Plum. The description even sounded like me,

Flatters lively personalities.

Once received I modeled them for Instagram just to get some feedback. Although I already had a pretty good idea which would make the cut.


10 votes for Olive


9 votes for Holcomb


3 votes for Laurel17


2 votes for Goodney


No votes for Finch – too many wonderful new choices I presume?

It’s kind of funny to see how many people liked the 2 that I actually liked least. It makes me wonder how they see me vs how I see myself. Like those frames really fit into my style from a few years ago…v Mad Men & pinup librarian (That’s a thing, right? It should be). The ones I liked best are where I think my style is & where I see it going…modern, chic, effortless.

Here’s the deal. I loved Goodney & I honestly thought they’d be a no brainer, but then I saw the Rose Quartz in person. I was transported straight back to 2nd grade. My very first pair of spectacles.


I was apparently also interning as the school secretary. I mean, what is this hair & that sweater?


Also, when you can take fashion inspiration from an icon you absolutely should #justiceforbarb Or is Barb taking fashion inspiration from me? Whoa.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with my selection & I’ll be rocking these sweet specs till my rx changes, maybe longer! Who knows!



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