Beauty MOTD 30

There’s something about this blouse that makes me want to play with unusual colors. It feels very artsy so I always feel compelled to do something creative.


This is from a different day, but it’s a great pic of this top.

This go round I decided to use shades from one column of my Sephora Pantone Watercolor palette. It’s becoming quite a trusty tool!


  • Cedar Wood on lid
  • Linden Green in crease
  • Boa on lower lashline
  • Mellow Yellow in inner eye


I really like how this picks up all the yellow without looking sallow. It’s also surprisingly subtle which is nice cause I wouldn’t want it to compete with the vibrancy of the blouse.

If I wear a neon yellow coat over a checkerboard dress & also have heavy eye makeup & Orphan Annie curls, I will look like your aunt who just came out during Pride Weekend.

-Mindy Kaling


I’ll just stick with a softer subdued version of the hues, pearls, & beachy waves.


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