Miscellanea July 2017




Spiderman Homecoming was a fun superhero movie that felt like a clever teen romantic comedy. My favorite thing about it was Marisa Tomei’s wardrobe though!


So this actually ended in June, but after I’d already done my Miscellanea post. Basically nothing made sense, there were no consequences for their stupidity over the years, & all the liars lived happily ever after. I can’t believe I wasted so many dvr hours on this.


My daughter really wanted to see this, so we went to a theater viewing of the recorded Lincoln Center performance. Not my favorite thing. It wasn’t bad, just not my jam.


Movie rental night at home. Gifted is a wonderful reminder that there’s more to Chris Evans than Captain America. Also Jenny Slate is one of my favorite people. The Edge of Seventeen is Juno, but without the teen pregnancy. Totally boss.


Another night at Ballpark Village. I don’t even care about baseball, but this is like my new favorite place.


Dunkirk was so good. I’m having trouble finding words for this one. I didn’t know anything about this piece of history, but I understood where we were headed. The journey was intense, suspenseful, quiet, & hopeful. Not your typical war movie, but when does Christopher Nolan do anything typical. Also, Harry Styles!



Local band Mountain King, check em out on spotify & iTunes! I’d recommend Moon or West Virginia for your first time.


I wouldn’t call The Couple Next Door groundbreaking or genre redefining, but it was entertaining. I would recommend it to anyone into Gillian Flynn or Paula Hawkins.


Two different memoirs. If you’re a fan of these ladies I think you’ll enjoy these books. Lauren Graham’s is the sentimental lovefest you want from a Gilmore Girls alum. Mindy Kaling’s is all about  how she says fuck that noise to an industry that doesn’t think hard work & knowing your shit shouldn’t make you confident if you don’t fit their cookie cutter viewpoint.



Lots of great drinks this month!


Sushi & drinks at Drunken Fish in StL. The Asian Mary is aces.



Cheers to a very happy couple!


Happy Rescue Day Lafayette!



Love watching my daughter perform. Love that we have somewhere in our small community encouraging, supporting, developing talent. She is getting such a great opportunity that will help her as she gets ready to apply to college theater programs!

AND that was my July!


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