Curating OOTD 30

May not be a nice wide linen stripe, but it’s what I have in my closet, so it’s what you get.


  • IZOD button up
  • H&M jogger
  • Toms sandals
  • Charming Charlie bangle


Just because I didn’t have exactly what is on trend for the summer didn’t stop me from putting together a summery chic look. The sleeves are usually rolled on this shirt, but the tied shirt ends add some playfulness. Paired with the jogger there’s just a enough structure without feeling stuffy. This bangle is quickly becoming my go to for summer. There’s just something so cool about the grey & gold marbling. It reminds me of a countertop you might find in a California kitchen*. Like it’s light & airy, but also substantial. It adds a nice heft to the breezey look.


*No, not like the pizza. An actual kitchen.

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