Curating OOTD & Beauty MOTD 31

Another day my whole look came together!


Way back at the beginning of my 30×30 I had pulled this top out of my closet as a maybe, but most likely a no. I barely ever wore it because in my previous employment it was not allowed due to one side being sleeveless. I could layer it, but a top under it never looked right & a jacket over it never worked for obvious reasons.


So this super pretty feminine top was relegated to the back of my closet & eventually the spare room until I realized I could wear it to work (new employer, new dress code!) and it totally fits with my Wes Anderson palette!

On a lovely summer Friday I busted this flirty gal out!


  • Forever21 Top
  • Kancan Jean
  • Maurices Sandals
  • Brighton Cuff

I also busted out a new drugstore palette find that has some smokier hues than I normally dabble in.



From the Maybelline Rock Nudes palette I used the shimmery lilac over my lid, the dusty plum blended into my crease, & the pearled quartz on my lower lashline*. Not feeling quite bold enough to part with my Sephora Pantone Watercolor, I used mushroom on my inner eye corners.

I really love how this all came together.  The Rock Nude palette can definitely go heavy metal, but it also has a softer side.



*These names/descriptions are courtesy of me because Maybelline doesn’t name each shade in their palettes.

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