1. Inspired By…

All the 90s vibes.

I was born in 1983 so while there is some 80s fashion in my repertoire, I was largely inspired by the ingenues of the 90s.

It all started with Melissa Joan Hart & Danielle Fishel. Clarissa was so freaking cool & a boy climbed through her window & was her best friend & she wore loud crazy clothes & was loud & crazy! Topanga was so very bohemian & always way more mature & progressive than precious Cory Matthews. Sabrina, well I actually watched this more for the aunts & the cat, but her quintessential teen style was definitely an influence. So much velour.

There was something about the girls in Now & Then (except for Chrissy) that were just so badass. They didn’t take any of the neighborhood boy’s crap & were always there for each other. They weren’t exactly in 90s clothes, but I loved the t-shirts with rolled hem Bermuda cutoffs & wide headbands; not to mention my obsession with Teeny’s pudding balloons she used to stuff her bra!

And then FRIENDS came along Phoebe was like a grown up version of Clarissa & Topanga, Monica was like Roberta & Samantha, & Rachel was a New York version of Cher Horowitz.

I can’t even tell you how much this particular movie has infiltrated my style, my vocabulary, my world view. It was just so much more fun & lighthearted than basically everything I was watching in the late 90s.

Bring on the angst & JCrew catalog. Except for Kat Stratford that fell more in with that mid 90s crowd, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, & Scream lead Sydney Prescott were wrought with oversized sweaters & multi syllable comebacks.

Of course the Queen of all Teen Angst was My So Called Life. I’ve already regaled Angela & Rayann here.

Rounding out my 90s inspired style were the probably wildly inappropriate for a 14year old Vivian & Carrie Bradshaw. I’m guessing this is were my polka dot obsession arose from. Also I started wanting to wear heels everywhere all the time & I did for awhile. If Carrie Bradshaw could traverse the streets of N.Y. in Manolo Blahniks then I could manage a high school hallway.

Even now 18 years later I still see the 90s style seeping into my everyday wardrobe. I’ll probably always carry a piece of those girls with me. Like Kathleen Kelly says about books shaping you, tv was my babysitter & nothing shapes you & stays with you longer than the worlds in which you immerse yourself.


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