Back2School Senior Edition

It’s that time of the year again. We took a Saturday & stocked up on all the “necessities.”


Actual necessities picked up at Target, Dicks Sporting Goods, & Office Depot. We didn’t need too many things because she was very well stocked from last year.

  • Folders, Grid Paper, Pilot G2 Pens, Post It Flags, Eraser Caps, Pastel Paper Clips, Post It Cube, #2 Pencils: Target
  • Notebooks & Planner: Office Depot
  • Adidas Backpack: Dicks Sporting Goods



At-A-Glance Planner

Always the best intentions at being organized she wanted to immediately get her bag ready for school.

20170813_203944Yes, that is an LL Bean messenger bag & yes it’s still in pretty good condition after 3 (4?) years of use. The strap unbuckles itself & the Velcro is worn, which I am fully aware could be replaced. She’s decided after 3 (4?) years that she carries too much around & the messenger doesn’t distribute it evenly causing neck & shoulder pain. She’s gotta stop hanging out with the school AT.



Also, courtesy of last year’s haul clothes weren’t as much a concern. Shoes on the other hand.



I’d complain about buying shoes, but she wears them out before we ever buy a new pair, so…


When she asked for a few pieces we did make a clothing purchase.

  • Mens Sweatshirt from H&M
  • Plaid Skirt from H&M
  • Lightwash Skinnies from F21

Another successful back to school shopping day. I’d wax all poetically about these fleeting opportunities to spend days like this with my senior student, but odds are she’s going to expect mom to buy her college supplies too. 😂


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