Beauty MOTD 33

We’re living in a powder keg & givin off sparks

Almost hate to admit this song was stuck in my head all day Monday, especially this line for some reason.

Whatever the reason, I decided to pile onto my white girl basicness & do an eclipse inspired palette mix.


I did a blend of my daughter’s Anastasia Moonchild Glow Kit & my Sephora Sunbleached Filter palette. I mean, come on, moon & sun? How could I not?

  • Latergram allover lids
  • Blue Moon inner corners & blended into crease
  • Desert Rose outer v, blended into crease, & along lower lashline
  • Blue Ice just under brows
  • Pink Heart around temple


I’m actually pretty pleased with my highlight & contour with this look. I think I may be picking up a thing or 2.

I blended an illuminator with my foundation & did that all over. I took a fluffy brush to the bronzer in my e.l.f. illuminating palette & dusted it framing my face. I cut in with the bottom left shade for some cheek definition. I went back to Moonchild & layered purple horseshoe with blue moon just above the contour. I topped that off with my usual nars orgasm.


Feel like I ended up with a kind of pearlescent sunrise glow. V nice if I do say so myself.


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