Miscellanea Aug 17




After going to see Newsies at the Muny I knew my daughter had to see the 1992 movie. We found a digital copy to rent & man, it does not hold up. I love it cause I remember how much I loved it growing up, but wow, it doesn’t come close to the live show or just musical movies in general nowadays. However, you should definitely YouTube the Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square. It’s ridiculous, but hilarious.

We were all about the outdoor shows this month. We took in a production of “Taming of the Shrew” on the Willard Library lawn. We brought a blanket & snacks & had a lovely time.


Rounding out my August viewing were 2 series finales. Broadchurch ended it’s 3 season run with a gripping 8 episodes that introduced us to a moving storyline, but also managed to tie a somewhat neat bow on the previous 2 seasons. I’m gonna miss Hardy & Miller. Orphan Black, however, was a little more edge of my seat, nail biting, shocked gasp inducing, anxiety rollercoaster. It felt like 1 blow after the other until you just didn’t think you or the seestras could take anything else. The final trip was tidy, but not too tidy. And just when you think you’ve seen everything Tatiana Maslany has to offer she brings more to the table. That woman deserves all the awards.



In honor of our first venture to Willard Library I had to try the Willard smoothie at Sunshine Juice Co. This place is very earthy.


Not a new place to me, but I tried some different things on the menu at WaltonsI received a good beer recommendation. It was kind of like a lighter version of Blue Moon. My daughter & I split fried green tomatoes, Korean duck wings, & a Mexican pizza. So good!


Being the chip fiend I am, I had to try the contest flavors. I think fried green tomatoes is my frontrunner.



Volunteered my Saturday to help raise funds used to purchase school supplies for local schools. The weather was beautiful & got to spend the day with friends.



I was 3/4 into this book & just gave up. It just did not hold my attention. I haven’t read anything else by Ian McEwan. I’ve seen Atonement so I’m not sure what I expected out of this book. I didn’t find it compelling as the spy novel it was touted to be & I definitely didn’t find it compelling as a romance which it leaned closer towards.


After throwing in the towel on Sweet Tooth I decided to listen to the West Wing Weekly for some positive political wisdom in my life. I just picked up where I had left off which happened to be an episode in which Dule Hill’s character is told he can’t go to a club with his girlfriend, the President’s daughter, because of death threats from white supremacists. I can remember watching this “live” 17 years ago knowing it was ludicrous someone would have such an opinion of another human being based solely on their skin that they would incite violence against that person. It’s a god damned outrage & if you aren’t infuriated you aren’t paying attention.



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