Beauty MOTD 34

I recently picked up an e.l.f. color correcting palette. I don’t use concealer because it always seems to settle into my wrinkles or I can’t get it blended without smearing it away from what I was attempting to conceal. I thought I might have better luck with this palette. Plus it was pretty cheap, so why not try it?


I started off my look trying out a tip from Keira Lennox; applying a thin dusting of powder. I’ve been using a Neutrogena rice protein powder that really mattifies my oily skin. The downside is when set atop my finished makeup it takes away from the dewy look I like.


I used this as a guide cause I couldn’t remember what color was supposed to be good for what issue. I swiped a bit of pink under my eyes, green around my nostrils & chin, & blue to brighten under my cheekbone.


To illuminate everything I blended a bit of Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl with my liquid foundation.

I went for a real subtle sparkle on my eyes. Started with Desert Rose all over the lid, Rose Quartz on outer v, Mushroom on inner corner & blended halfway over lid into the crease, & Swan Song just under brows.

Overall I don’t feel like I see much of a difference with the color correcting, maybe next time I use it I’ll take progression photos. It turned out to be a pretty simple look considering I took extra steps. Pretty, but simplistic.


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