2. Inspired By…

Audrey Hepburn

One of my favorite childhood pastimes was snuggling on the couch on a weekend afternoon watching old movies with my mom. My Fair Lady, Funny Face, Charade, Sabrina, & Breakfast at Tiffany’s were on a regular loop. Audrey Hepburn just seemed so normal yet stunning. Which considering which films I referenced the premise of several is regular gal gets fancy makeover, sees the world, becomes the object of crush’s affection, lives happily ever after. Maybe that normal girl vibe was manufactured, but there was definitely something relatable about her.

I only own 2 fashion/beauty coffee table type books & they are both about Audrey. They both serve more as biography than style guide, but they feature amazing photos.

They live on my vanity & while I don’t really reference them physically there are all sorts of ways they’ve influenced me subliminally.



I may have surprised you to not really reference any of the “iconic” Audrey looks. No little black dresses, no black crewnecks with slacks & flats here. While those are rightfully celebrated I think there’s something to her less revered looks. Her dedication to Ralph Lauren later in life & that classic casual approach. Or the fact that in the 70s she would often wear a “what the hell” item. She was classic & bold. What a thing to aspire to…


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