Miscellanea Sept 17


This has been a very full month. As I’m writing this (the afternoon before posting) I’m enjoying a large glass of pink moscato, a charcuterie plate, & a break from the busyness.



We rented Sleight which was an interesting twist on the super hero origin story. My husband was all hyped to watch it cause it was from some of the same people that made Get Out. I was hyped to watch it cause precious Dulé Hill played a drug dealer. Hands down best scene was after spouting the word fuck the entire movie he says “Oh gosh” in a particular tense moment cause Dulé doesn’t take the Lord’s name in vain.

Myself, my daughter & a couple of her friends went to a late night showing of It. I was pretty hesitant as a first time viewer (That’s right, even though the 90s miniseries featured my favorite heartthrob Jonathan Brandis, I’ve never seen it) with a clown phobia from childhood, but honestly I found it more touching & full of heart than scary. Don’t get me wrong Pennywise is creepy, but these kids are full of heart & fun & moxie. I kinda loved it. I kinda want to watch it again.

The Sinner is a slow burn featuring a complicated beautiful disaster of a woman played by Jessica Biel. I really loved this series. I saw a lot of comments about how not enough happened or we spent too much time going down the wrong path, but I think the vagueness enhanced the suspense. It felt a bit like The Killing or Broadchurch, both favorites of mine. Highly recommend if you haven’t watched.


So my daughter & I spent a long weekend in Michigan & caught the classic Muppet masterpiece The Dark Crystal at the historic Michigan Theater. What a beautiful venue!



Oh man, this is a doozy. I can understand the initial appeal, but Scientology gets crazy fast. Interesting look at some of Hollywood’s elite that believe in a science fiction author’s storybook. To quote a couple of my favorite ladies, you’re in a cult, call your dad.


I found a mystery lovers haven & some future reading to be done.



As mentioned we were in Michigan, Ann Arbor to be specific. We spent most of our time downtown enjoying ALL the coffee & some delicious food. My favorites:


My hometown Fall Fun Fest is in September & that meant more Sweet Tea! I spent all my money at this adorable booth!



Speaking of the Fall Fun Fest I was there supporting the effort to keep our kids safe After Prom.


Getting political for a minute, whatever side you stand on, I encourage you to voice your opinion in a respectful manner.



Her birthday is actually at the end of August, but the celebration didn’t make the cut last month. Ruthless, I know.


I’ve officially been at my “new” job for a year! It’s been a wonderful change & the people I’m getting to know!



Ann Arbor has it’s very own gum wall in graffiti alley!


Above is outside Literati & below is inside the Arb.


Stay tuned for a closer look at my Michigan wardrobe.


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