TBT: Aught1

As you’ve learned I’ve been drawn to vintage & retro fashion for quite sometime. I really started dipping my toe in those waters my senior year. My homecoming look was straight up lifted from Jackie Kennedy.



Staying true to my budget friendly homecoming style this dress was purchased from Maurices for about $40. The shoes, if you could get a better look, are kitten heel slides with little bows picked up from Sears or Penneys for minimal cost. The jewelry are pieces I already owned. The nosegay bouquet is a little questionable. I remember I really threw the florist for a loop because no one ordered nosegays for hoco. It’s not like they’d never made one, but this is a bit lacking… Oh well.

Let’s address the elephant in the room before moving on:


Yes, that’s a tie dye backdrop. I remember they wanted to do something different, but Jesus, this was a mess! I actually dont mind the tie dye, I think it was more in the execution. Plus the early aught fashion (which I obviously didn’t exactly prescribe to) was oddly copasetic.

Obviously you can’t go wrong with a lbd, my daughter even rocked a couple (here & here). I think choosing 1 with something a little special makes it a standout piece in a sea of candy color pageant pieces.

And this is something that translates into adulthood very nicely.


I keep this Alfani tucked in the back of my closet for special occasions. Also, let’s take a moment to point out the homecoming dress has a cowl neckline. Another aspect that translates to adulthood, at least mine. You know how much I love a cowl!

Oh the memories…. this year during Homecoming we’ll be celebrating our 15year class reunion. Almost makes me want to bust out a crazy aught inspired look…almost.


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