9. I Love My

Floral 2pc Set

Yeah, so I was one of those people saying Kim Kardashian’s 2013 floral Met Gala gown was reminiscent of Mrs Doubtfire or my grandma’s duvet, but damned if I’m not loving this 2pc H&M set.

H&M Floral Top & Pant

I was walking past H&M when this number caught my eye. I looked at my daughter & said, “You know I’m putting that on my body.” She was not an immediate fan, but once she saw it on, she understood. There’s something fantastic about a full body floral getup.

I figured I’d better ease my coworkers into the concept, so I started with separates.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the pleated neckline into a mutton chop esque sleeve? It’s absolutely beautiful for something you find at a fast fashion shop.

The pant on its own it’s fairly versatile & lends itself to a tailored cool girl look.

This really is a showstopping look. I think it takes most people by surprise. Since it is such a statement I paired it with my brown booties & no accessories. It needs no embellishment.


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