#TBT Hoco 2k16

Homecoming 2016 was the year of rooftop gardens & an elegant fairy. Initially she asked for a “princess” dress. You know the ones, unreasonably puffy & the color of some sugary confection. I have to say I wasn’t entirely down for that. It just doesn’t feel like her. I’d already agreed to lavendar hair, a cotton candy dress may be a step too sweet. As has become our way, we took to Pinterest

When she pinned the above images I knew the we had a slightly different idea of what makes something a princess dress.

We did try to find a skirt or dress that could be modified, but the perfect one wasn’t in existence. We also had the challenge of finding something that fit a color palette that didn’t overwhelm her hair. At some point she decided I should make the skirt. Granted I don’t know that I would call my handiwork perfect, but if you don’t look closely it’s nice. The experience reminded me that I have zero patience for sewing.

The more we pinned, the more the “princess” theme transitioned to what we liked to call “elegant fairy.” ¬†Everything was going to be very soft, delicate, elegant.



Stop looking at the skirt & just enjoy how the complete look came together.


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