Miscellanea Oct 17



The House was pretty damn funny. I laughed a lot.

Big Mouth is so inappropriately hilarious. I didn’t laugh at everything, but damn if it’s not relatable.

Baby Driver is fun. Not really a stand out plot, but the soundtrack is everything.


It’s back & it’s just as great. No spoilers here, just going to put it out there that Steve Harrington is the best.


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is a real beauty of a book about a woman coming to terms with herself.

Bellman & Black was my first spooky October read which turned out not to be spooky, but a voyage into the depths of a man haunted by grief.

20th Century Ghosts was not what I was  expecting either & I didn’t even finish listening.


My kiddo co-directed her first Jr production. It was Cat-tastic!

Made the rounds on Main Street & did a little retail therapy. Which ties into celebrating, cause I purchased some things for me & some things for a beautiful outdoor wedding I attended before the cold hit.


Also celebrating my 200th post. That’s just wild!

And Halloween of course!


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