Beauty MOTD 37

I purchased the Maybelline Rock Nudes palette awhile ago, but I feel like I don’t use it enough. I tend to fall into ruts pretty easily when it comes to make up. I’ve purchased some splurge items so I don’t have tons to choose from. I find what works, is quick, is easy & dont really deviate. However, if I’d spend just a little bit more time the possibilities are…well not endless, but there’s a lot.

In an effort to utilize my Rock Nudes palette I tried out a variation of this halo smokey eye.



I started out with matte lavendar grey over the entire lid, dabbed the dusty plum into the inner & outer corners, blended through crease, lined upper lashline & smoked it out slightly more with eggplant, then highlighted the browbone & inner corner with pearled quartz.

This turned our very nicely & really wasn’t difficult or time consuming. I really like barebones most mornings, but this is great for making it look like I tried when I just toss on a company tee for work or when I want something a little more special for going out.

– Cassy

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