Miscellanea Nov 17




A new movie nearly every weekend this month! As mentioned in my last post, Thor Ragnarok had a fun 80s vibe. I was not a fan of the first Thor movie, I skipped the second & frankly I normally find him too pompous. This plays on that seriousness & turns it on its head. I really enjoyed this. Probably the best of the movies we saw this month.

Murder on the Orient Express was delightful. It played out true to Agatha Christie’s perfectly plotted misdirection. It is elegant, precise, inevitable, & surprising.

Justice League was not as good as it should’ve been, but it also wasn’t as bad as it’s being made out to be. This article about it is great.



As a mark of respect for all the pies to be prepared & eaten this month a viewing of the remarkable & remarkably short lived series Pushing Daisies was in order. This is one of my top tv shows of all time. It’s right up there with Wes Anderson films. So perfectly executed in everyway.



Feeling particularly patriotic for Thanksgiving I selected a couple of Revolutionary historical novels. Lafayette in the Somewhat United States gets 4 stars for the entertaining interweaving of the after affects of the war with current (2015) politics. Charity & Sylvia receive 3 stars for being filled with informative engaging facts surrounding same sex relationships in early America.


#1 I had no idea there is a Tori Amos cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit, but it works flawlessly.

So after binging season 2 I discovered the spotify playlists. Steve’s Morning Hair Grooves is 1 Elliott Smith song away from tragedy, but I get it. Steve’s heart was shattered. Eleven’s Breakfast Jams are really where its at. Actually lead me to me current favorite channel, Women of Rock.

Supporting… (& eating)


After Prom fundraising has proven to be quite the undertaking. My mom, sister, I got together & baked a few pies for our Holiday Open House Pie Sale. The power went out just about the time the pies were ready to go in the oven. Other than that glitch, we had a fun day & tried some unconventional recipes.

Celebrating… (&eating)


Extremely exciting news, my daughter has been accepted to 2 colleges! Still have a way to go with scholarship applications, FAFSA distribution, theater resumes, & auditions, but a little bit of anxiety has been lightened.


Obviously had to make extra of all the pies so we could try them at Thanksgiving. So far I’ve only had the oatmeal & Swiss pear. 2 thumbs up if I do say so myself.


I really can’t believe it’s been 2 years here on baubles&knots! It certainly isn’t the hottest blog out there, but it’s my little corner of space. Thanks for taking time to read.


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