Wish List


Look I know the “reason for the season” & “giving is better than receiving,” but let’s be real. Sitting down with that giant ass department store catalog circling all the things I wish Santa would bring me was one of my favorite things. I was also the kid that then would write it all out meticulously with item numbers, page number, descriptions, etc. I know what I like & if someone’s going to ask what to get me for Christmas (or my birthday which 1 week before the greatest holiday) then they may as well know exactly what I want. I’ve been called rude, but more likely it’s just my type A showing.

Self indulgent would be posting a wish list on the internet & then telling your friends & family to take note.*


If you’ve been on the blog before, then you may already know I like a statement piece of jewelry. Lately that statement has been evolving into something more delicate, more naturalistic.


I have a decent sized basket of nail polish that seldom gets used. 1. Because I really am pretty lazy about home mani pedis. 2.Because my palette preference is changing. I like these muted, dusty, matted polishes. I’ve been told my style leans towards moss & dirt. I’m okay with that, but a basket full of bright popping colors doesn’t lend itself to an earthy vibe.


I’m all about the rollerballs lately & I’ll definitely be ready to change things up in the spring, so it’d be lovely to have new fragrances on hand.


These t-shirts sum me up.


Every type A gal needs adorable office supplies.


Some seriously grown up gifts:

  • Great Art & Vogue Coloring Books
  • A punny cocktail guide with cocktail tools.
  • Quirky lamps & gilded alphabet magnets
  • Clever poster art… honestly I’ve kinda been hoping my daughter works on the 1 sheep, 2 sheep & changes out the cookies for chips.
  • Hanging terrariums, jellyfish airplants, & fashionable lady vases that would probably drive our cat crazy.

Nobody asks an adult for their wish list, but again let’s be real. They don’t really have to cause we have this thing called Pinterest.



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