Curating OOTD 41

While doing Christmas shopping my daughter & I came across Goodfellow&Co clothing at Target & basically realized I want to dress like a well dressed gentleman. Which actually is nothing new, I’ve always enjoyed an androgynous collegiate style. I’m probably late to the Goodfellow party, but I found myself being drawn in. I kept having to say, “Christmas shopping today, nothing for us,” but of course I was swayed by the need of a new flannel for the impending 12days of Christmas flannel day at work. So one for us to share & like everything else for gifts made for a pretty successful shopping excursion.

When it came to styling I looked no further than my daughter. She essentially lives in plaid & t-shirts ever since becoming obssessed with 90s grunge & Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things & It.


Seriously could it be any easier to style a flannel? The only thing I kept in mind is being on the shorter side, I tend to look dumpy/frumpy in unstructured heavier fabrics. I paired it with a longer cut jean & heels to elongate me & keep from looking like ball of plaid.


  • Goodfellow&Co flannel
  • Maurices t shirt
  • Old Navy sweetheart jean
  • Maurices booties


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