Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD 42 & First Impressions 5

My final Thursday post of 2017 has all the things! This was a recent Saturday look for doing up some Christmas shopping, working a fundraiser, & finishing the evening off at a Holiday Hen party. I would say we were having unseasonably warm weather, but it seems to be the norm anymore.

I had 2 things decided in advance, I would be wearing my hat again & I wanted to do a subtle cranberry eye.

  • Love Tree Vest
  • IZOD Button Down
  • Kancan Jeans
  • Baubles from Local Boutiques
  • Toms Boots
  • Not pictured, Mudpie Hat

Just realized I actually bought all of these items except the shirt (which is a handmedown item) & the shoes from local boutiques. Shopping local ftw!


Yes, a vest & a hat meant getting asked more than once if I was going on safari. Just told them I was gearing up for Jumanji.

I unexpectedly finished up my redness reducing elf primer, so I was happy to have this Boscia Porefecting White Charcoal Mattifying Treatment Primer on hand from the Skincare for Your Selfie sampler.

Boasts: A white charcoal-infused treatment primer that controls shine while working to reduce the appearance of pores.

Ingredients: -Binchotan White Charcoal Powder: Absorbs excess oil and helps minimize pores while balancing skin’s moisture content.
-Artichoke Leaf Extract: Reduces the appearance of pore size by increasing skin elasticity – pore wall is less likely to stretch and retain debris.
-Witch Hazel Extract: A natural antiseptic and astringent that removes dirt and excess oil and tightens enlarged pores without over-drying skin.
-Cucumber Extract: Refreshes skin.

Verdict: Not in love with it. The other primers I’ve used are super smoothing & soft. This has a more gel like consistency & immediately soaks in kind of tightening everything. Which sounds like a good thing, but really feels like when you were in grade school & you get glue all over your hands & you’re try to slough it off. It seemed like I needed twice as much foundation because it didn’t glide over my face as seamlessly.

Fasáli Rose Gold Elixir which may sound counterintuitive after matte primer, but not with the above glue like feeling of my face. I needed a drop of oil.

Boasts: A fast-absorbing, dry oil that can be used as an effective daily moisturizer, or in conjunction with your makeup routine.

Ingredients: -Rosehip Seed Oil: Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids to hydrate and visually improve skin tone and texture.
-Pumpkin Seed Oil: Protects skin against free radicals and environmental stressors.
-24k Gold: Provides a natural-looking, radiant glow.
-Vitamin E: An essential nutrient for healthy-looking skin.

Verdict: This is not heavy or greasy. I use a drop with my foundation & I think I get a lovely lit from within glow. I didn’t think I’d find anything as good as the Josie Maran illuminator. This is better & man, do I feel fancy to boot.

Left is just the primer, right is with Clinique Even Better Foundation & Rose Gold Elixir.

I feel like I did a lot with a little when it comes to my eye makeup. As mentioned I wanted a subtle cranberry look, something festive, but not overwhelming. I mean, I’m already wearing a hat, no need to go full blown bold with my face.

  • Desert Rose on Lid
  • Sandy Toes in Crease, Outer V, & Lashlines
  • Fruit Dove in Crease & Outer V
  • Antique White in Inner V

I’ve already given a bit of an overview on my amuse bouche lippie in 41Sugarcane is a pale pink, very natural. I do get transfer with these, but they feel very nice on my lips. I don’t know if the trade off for the price of a full size is worth it, but the sampler set definitely is.

This was an A day even with my unfortunate primer experience.

-Cassy Hodges

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