Miscellanea Dec 17



Obviously the month was mostly rewatchings of our favorite Christmas movies or tv specials. Here are 2 none Christmas things I watched:


I got around to watching the final season of Halt & Catch Fire. What I find truly remarkable is somewhere under the guise of this being a Lee Pace male driven tech show it’s actually a beautiful depiction of a female partnership & friendship. Donna & Cam lead their male counterparts into new landscapes each season. They boldly went into each ending standing at the brink of a new beginning.

So call me morbid all you want, cause I went to a live recording of My Favorite Murder. It was fantastic. They recorded at the Powell Symphony Hall in St Louis, which was all decorated for Christmas. They had 2 local murders that I hadn’t heard which were pretty interesting. They may have only slightly been upstaged by the audience member they brought on for a hometown murder. Her tale was a wild ride. So much fun, when it goes up I’ll post a link.


Primarily Christmas music.


Ed Sheeran dropped a duet with Beyonce & the title says it all.


And I’ve been keeping up my 2 books a month with 1 to get me ready for an upcoming t.v. series & 1 with Christmas-y spirit.


Find my thoughts at goodreads.



Proper Coffee & Bonefish Grill on a Christmas shopping excursion. Lobster Eggs Benedict is an unmatched decadence.


At home I’ve also been poaching eggs. Weight Watchers changed up their points so now I’ve got more flexibility for things like fig jam, wine, & my holiday drink.*


The Best Steak House in StL was an anxiety ridden adventure. Orders are shouted from the cafeteria style line with no warning other than the call of “Next!” We also had a brief freakout as we watched patron after patron paying cash when we were planning to use plastic. Luckily, we spied someone swiping before an embarrassing encounter at the cash register. The food was quick, good, & inexpensive so the anxiety was worth it in the end!


My birthday & Christmas! It has been quite a month & I don’t see it slowing down!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


*Irish Cream & Amaretto. Delicious on it’s own over ice, with coffee, or my favorite RosieJeans Sweet Tea!

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