4. Inspired By



Yes, Pinterest has inspired my style. Actually Pinterest kind of inspired this whole blog. My first posts were all inspired by styles I found myself pinning.

Love Me, Love Me

No. 2 Pencil Skirts

Stripes Don’t Scare Me

Sweater Weather

Academic Chic

Dear Reader, Wear. Yours, Author

Easy Breezy Pantone

Far From Frumpy

Across the Pond

My So-Called Outfit 


Over the course of those first posts I started to really feel like I was learning about my style in a way I hadn’t before. I realized that I was maybe in a rut & that I needed my style to evolve.

I’m not completely recreating the looks I pin anymore. I’m using them as a guide for putting pieces together, keeping a shopping wish list, or taking the overall aesthetic for a jumping off point.

And isn’t that what inspiration is all about?


2 thoughts on “4. Inspired By

  1. Great idea! I never got into pinterest for some reason. I watch Youtube videos mostly for some fashion inspo and I still love an old fashioned flick through a magazine. I once compiled my style favorites in a notebook (by cutting out items from old magazines) and that really helped me hone in on what I like to wear.

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