Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD 44

Switching from nontraditional florals, I went in a more festive direction with my next holiday ensemble.


  • Bethany Mota for Aeropostale sweater
  • Maurices button down blouse
  • Kancan Jeans
  • Toms Brogues

I borrowed this sweater from my daughter. She received it as a gift maybe 2 years ago? I’m surprised it fit…it didn’t really fit in the manner it was probably intended, long & tunic-y, but it fit nonetheless.


Since the sweater has all the sparkle necessary, I took some pinspiration for a barely there flush & berry lip.


This Bite Beauty rhubarb lippie hits the mark.

To get that slight flush I used my new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in mood exposure. The soft plum delivers exactly what it better with the pricetag it totes. The soft-focus technology emulates the appearance of young, healthy skin & feels pillow soft. I love my Nars, but this is far more luxurious.

I applied this over a base of my usual Clinique foundation & a drop of Farsáli rose gold elixir. I kept my eyes simple with¹ an Anastasia brow wiz pencil, shimmery elf contour doubling as shadow, & a swipe of CoverGirl lashblast fusion mascara².


After I got myself all put together I realized I was rockin a very Clara Oswald vibe.

Which I suppose is better than looking like Neal from The Santa Clause. 😉


¹Borrowing yet again from my daughter.

²A purchase made imperative due to my beauty haul fiasco.

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