First Impressions 6

Testing out another product from my sephora haul, boscia luminizing black mask.


This is from the skincare for your selfie set from which I’ve already reviewed the other products here & here.

The peel off mask boasts a gap free delivery that immediately benefits skin by removing dirt & impurities as well as absorbing excess oil to reveal a healthy glowing complexion.

I started off my peel experience with a washed & dried face.


  • Charcoal & Calcium Montmorillonite Clay: absorbing excess oil & exfoliating
  • Vitamin C: brightening
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract: improves skin elasticity & hydrates
  • Rosemary & Eucalyptus: anti inflammatory
  • Boscia Propriety Botanical Blend of Jojoba & Willowherb: prevents free radical damage while calming skin


The texture is very smooth & a little tacky. Not quite as tacky as the origins ginzing though. I was able to apply a nice layer to the 2 areas I wanted to target.


I don’t think I left it on 30minutes as recommended, just until it felt nice & dry. I believe maybe 20. Now since I didn’t do cheeks & forehead I didn’t notice this tightening up a ton. Honestly, it felt more gentle than I would expect a peel to feel.

It peeled off in a very satisfying strip with minimal effort. If you don’t apply a thick enough layer this will not be the case. If you have problems use warm water to rinse.


As far as removing impurities, I think the strip speaks for itself. Also note that I suffer from milia & they can be a little trickier. While it overall sucked up gunk from my pores, milia are not pore based. I do think my skin was smoother, tighter, & brighter, but the milia on my chin were very stubborn. The exfoliatant would probably help improve with multiple uses.

Verdict: I love boscia! Idk that I need to spend the full size price tag for this product though. There are tons of drugstore charcoal masks out there. I haven’t tried a peel, but I’m willing to bet I get similar results. Then again I may not find one that’s so gentle cause those calming ingredients really did their job.


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